Jonathan Chinn is an Emmy Award winning non-fiction television producer and show runner. Over the past 15 years, Chinn has built up an eclectic body of work that runs the gamut from documentary to formatted reality that is unified by a sense of authenticity and character-driven narratives.  He has produced several groundbreaking series including 30 Days (FX), American High (PBS), Kid Nation (CBS) and Push Girls (Sundance).

Since forming Lightbox with his cousin Simon Chinn, the two have had several projects commissioned including amulti-part documentary series for Xbox Entertainment Studios about the digital revolution; a pilot for VH1 about relationships in the digital age: a 30 for 30 Film for ESPN about the Duke Lacrosse scandal of 2006, and have developments deals with CNN, Fusion, Discovery, Channel 4, BBC, and FXProductions.

In August 2014, the UK’s Channel 4 took a minority ownership stake in Lightbox which was among the first few companies the broadcaster has ever invested in.