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Atari: Game Over

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Category: Documentary Single

Director: Zak Penn

Executive Producers: Jonathan Chinn, Simon Chinn

Commissioner: Xbox Entertainment Studios


From its meteoric rise to its devastating collapse, director Zak Penn tells the story of Atari, one of the most culturally iconic video game development companies from the 70’s and early 80’s. Culminating in the rumoured burial of millions of ET game cartridges which the company could not sell, Atari’s legacy after the gaming collapse of 1983 is one that is both infamous and shrouded in mystery. Zak Penn excavates the popularity and controversy of Atari’s past before trekking out to the New Mexico desert, where he hopes to excavate an unlikely time capsule: dusty stock piles of the ‘’worst video game ever created’’.

"Game Over is a breezy, engaging documentary peppered with delightful interviews with game industry vets... Its subject matter may seem light at first but Game Over manages to wrap a solid historical perspective around an unexpected emotional core."

IGN – Adam Dielo 24th November 2014

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