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Category: Series (8 x 60')

Directors: David Sington, David Belton, Sam Blair, Nick Green, Zara Hayes, Ursula Macfarlane, Nadav Schirman, Jesse Vile

Executive Producers: Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Doug Liman, David Bartis, Gene Klein, Alex Marengo and Kathryn Taylor

Commissioner: Netflix


From the highest profile cases to those kept hidden from the public, this series tells the gripping stories of some of the most fraught hostage negotiations of recent times and, in doing so, reveals how hostage-taking - and the often secretive efforts to resolve it - have evolved to address a terrifying international trend.

A Netflix Original Documentary series, A Lightbox and Hypnotic Productions.

''The greatest moments of Captive are when we find ourselves not in the shoes of the victims, but the person imprisoning them.''

- Refinery 29

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