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Category: Series (3 x 60')

Director: Ed Perkins

Executive Producers: Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Katie Buchanan, Jeff Luini, Rob McElhenney

Producers: Stuart Armstrong

Commissioners: FX Productions, Channel 4


Bare Knuckle Fight Club uncovers the hidden and shocking underground world of bare knuckle fighting in the North of England, with access to a fight club where men from all walks of life meet to square up against each other in bloody battles. What drives these men to such brutal extremes? How do they balance fighting and family? And as the crowds and the fight nights get bigger and more brutal, can they ever escape their pasts with their fists?

“A superbly observed documentary about the rise of semi-legal bare-knuckle boxing was enlightening yet disturbing."

The Times – Andrew Billen 30th March 2017

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