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Category: Series (8 x 60')

Directors: Nick Read, Alicia Arce, John Conroy, Andrew Carter, Lottie Gammon, Ruhi Hammid, Laura Warner and James Brabazon

Executive Producers: Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Sam Collyns, Keith Summa, Daniel Eilemberg and Suzanne Lavery

Producers: Laura Warner, Vikki Miller, Laura McNaught

Commissioner: Fusion


We live in a black market world. For the right price you can buy anything: sex, drugs, exotic animals, organs, all sold by vast criminal networks. Crossing continents to uncover the supply chains for the trafficked goods, Nelufar Hedayat comes face to face with THE TRAFFICKERS, people from all walks of life who smuggle, bribe, and sell black market commodities from their source to us, the consumers.

"In this hard-hitting series, journalist Nelufar Hedayat travels the globe to expose an array of black markets, from guns and gold to human body parts."


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