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My Scientology Movie

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Category: Feature Documentary - theatrical release

Director: John Dower

Produced by: Simon Chinn

Written by: John Dower and Louis Theroux

Executive Producers for BBC: Christine Langan, Stephen McDonogh, Charlotte Moore, Joe Oppenheimer, Mark Reynolds


‘I find that the most inexplicable behavior is motivated by very relatable human impulses,’ comments Louis Theroux as he heads to Los Angeles for his feature documentary exploring the Church of Scientology. Following a long fascination with the religion and with much experience in dealing with eccentric, unpalatable and unexpected human behavior, the beguilingly unassuming Theroux won’t take no for an answer when his request to enter the Church’s headquarters is turned down.

BBC Films & BBC Worldwide Presents a Red Box Films Production in association with Lightbox.

''unexpectedly superb, inventive and quietly revelatory''

The Times

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